What is Photon

The Photon project has two parts: an API for plugins developers, and a minecraft server implementation, which allows people to play together. Its goal is to solve the problems of the current softwares (vanilla server, Bukkit, etc.) which are based on proprietary code and deliver poor, single-threaded performance.

We're working on clever solutions to create the best experience for players, administrators and developers.

It's a revolution! outout14, web developper

This project is amazing. Mathias, server admin

Why Photon is awesome

Photon is a modern approach to the minecraft server.

Independant & Open

Photon is an open source project, made from scratch. It is free from mojang's proprietary code.


Your dream is becoming true: a really multi-threaded server, which runs tasks in parallel to efficiently handle more players!

Faster than light

Optimized at its core, it aims to deliver lightning-fast performance: high TPS and low RAM usage.

Great API

The Photon API is both simple and powerful. It allows the developers to create amazing plugins. They even have access to the packets!

Our Team

Meet the people who build the future

Project founder & leader. He's a good Java developer who tries to master the world of multi-threading. He works on the Photon's website too!


Project Founder

He contributes to the Photon project on github. Thanks to him, Photon progresses faster!

Maaattt (aka MrMatt)

Java Developer

He contributes to the Photon project on github. Thanks to him, Photon is progressing well!


Java Developer

He helped making this amazing website. In fact, there was already a website before outout14 proposed this new design, which is much better than the old one!


Web Developer

The news

Here are the big events that occurred

Photon needs you!

Photon is currently in alpha stage. Any suggestion, contribution or help of any kind is welcome! You can contribute to the github repository by making pull requests. Read the wiki first to understand the project's architecture and guidelines.

Read the wiki Go to the code

Some Numbers

36 Pull requests
340+ Commits on the API
220+ Commits on the server
20000+ Lines of code

Have an idea?

Let's discuss! We can create amazing things together.